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About Us
Hensen Industrial (HK) Limited is a group of companies it has 3 factories and one trading company in Chongqing mainland China. We are professional and leading m
HENSENPOWER Brand Successfully
Hensen Brand Gasoline Generato
Congratulations to the Opening
New Products
Gasoline Engine-HS168F
Diesel Engine-HS186F
Gasoline Generator-HS5500(E)
Diesel Generator-HS6500T
Power tiller-HS500
Gasoline Water Pump-HSQGZ80-30
Welding Generator-HSW-210E
Gasoline generator HS8000CXE
Contact Us
Address: 19-9, Building 6, No. 1 Aoti road, YuanJiaGang,Chongqing, China
Contact: Mr. Aaron Yang
Tel: 0086-1-3617633043
Fax: 0086-23-66218372
E-Mail: export@hensenpower.com
Quality Certifcate
Hensen Industrial (HK) Limited, known as a group of companies, includes 3 manufacturing factories to supply products, one trading company to serve as export department of the whole group. Our export department is a team of energetic young people, mostly 1980’s. We are aiming to achieving mutual-beneficial business relationship by providing first-class quality products and necessary spare parts to our esteemed customers and dealers.

Relationship and Functions of Each Constituent Part:
Hensen Industrial (HK) Limited (the group): specialized in administration of the whole group, mainly focus on resources allocation, such human resources, capital resources, material resources etc. This is to make sure resources of the whole group could be used reasonably and the whole group including the subsidiary companies will run under stably. Factories: each factory belongs to the group, but works independently, sometimes each factory should support other factory in order to make sure all orders of the whole group can be finished production in time.

Chongqing FullRide Trade Co., Ltd (export department): To look for customers and dealers and reach cooperation by internet or by exhibitions, to communicate with customers and dealers about their requirement and interested models of products, to accept orders from customers and dealers and to arrange production of the orders according to exact requirement from customers and dealers, to push the production of orders in order the orders could be finished in time as required. To prepare documentation as required by customers and dealers or relevant country customs and send the documents to customers and dealers after the balance payment is received.
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Address: 19-9, Building 6, No. 1 Aoti road, YuanJiaGang,Chongqing, China
Tel: 0086-1-3617633043 Fax:0086-23-66218372 E-mail: export@hensenpower.com